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Richard Carthon Crypto Current

CEO & Host

Back in January of 2018, Richard Carthon worked at an artificial intelligence company. On his first day, his boss at the time asked Richard what he knew about Bitcoin, to which Richard asked, “what is Bitcoin”? From there, Richard fell down the rabbit hole and has never come out. The deeper down the hole, the more he realized this technology would change the world as he knew it for the better. The more Richard researched, the more he realized there was a gap in the market of materials aimed at starting out in crypto. He decided there needed to be more resources on the market for beginners- thus Crypto Current was born.

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Stay connected to crypto’s Top Stories and Trending Topics with The Aftershock. Every Wednesday, join Crypto Current’s Steve Miller and Richard Carthon for a brand new discussion on what’s going on in the wild world of Web 3. The Aftershock is available on YouTube or wherever you listen to your favorite Podcasts. Check out the latest episode today!

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We want to give a special thank you to our moon sponsor. Acacia Digital Holdings (Acacia) is part of a diversified blockchain platform that includes three separate businesses – focusing in trading, mining, and early-stage investment. Acacia the venture investment arm of the platform, launched in 2021. Acacia invests and partners with early-stage blockchain companies, that are solving complex problems in large markets.

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