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Tantra Labs is a team of researchers, engineers, data scientists, economists, and optimists. Our primary focus is Bitcoin, a more prosperous future built on sound money.Tantra Labs started trading Bitcoin over 2 years ago. In that time we have gone from 10 Bitcoin AUM to over 1000+ Bitcoin in our platform. 1)Realtime loan tracking 2)Fast automated onboarding 3)100% payment history 4)Multisig storage 5)12% APY, 12-month term

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We are a cryptocurrency investment fund that specializes in the management of cryptocurrency and blockchain investments. We believe in the longevity of cryptocurrency and blockchain and take an investment approach that reflects a long-term vision. Our vision for the future of this market is that it will gain widespread adoption and will play a significant role in the world economy. We are thought leaders paving the way for investors looking to get in the space while it is still in its’ infancy.

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