Crypto Current Contributor

If you clicked on this link, you’re in the right place! It is a pleasure to e-meet you 🙂 As you probably know, we are a cryptocurrency and blockchain education platform, Crypto Current. We help people Stay Crypto Current with a mission to give everyone access to information on current events and companies working in cryptocurrency and blockchain in a digestible way.
We would like to invite you to become a Crypto Current Contributor on our website! Being a contributor comes with several perks:

  1. More exposure to your content shared on our website, social media, and newsletter to a captive crypto and blockchain audience
  2. Freedom to talk about any subject on crypto, blockchain, and market analysis
  3. Ability to backlink to other articles, websites, etc
  4. Have your own author highlight page to put your bio and any links you want (more SEO to your brand). Also, each of your posts will highlight your bio and social links as well [see an example at the bottom of any of our posts]
  5. Featured as a Crypto Current Contributor

We have the following expectations as a contributor:

  1. At least 1 blog post a month
  2. Share the post you create on your social outlets (at least 1)
  3. Do not post any malicious, scammy, or spammy content
  4. Do not republish someone else’s content (unless you give them credit within your post and have their permission)

If you are interested or know a good candidate, please let us know at your earliest convenience by filling out the form below to begin next steps.

We look forward to speaking soon!