What is Crypto Current?

Crypto Current will be guiding all of you who are new to the cryptocurrency world to becoming a cryptocurrency and blockchain expert. Crypto Current was founded to give access to information to everyone on current events occurring in cryptocurrency and blockchain in a digestible way. Since its creation, we have created content that impacted thousands of people through its podcast, blog, and social media. We host social meet-ups that have provided the opportunity for people to learn and connect with other locals in their community.

Meet the Team

Richard Carthon


Richard is educating everyday people so they can have confidence in cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

Have you or someone you know been burnt by crypto before?

Maybe you are a part of the group of people who invested in cryptocurrency late in 2017/early 2018 while the cryptocurrency prices were quickly rising, then saw the prices quickly fall for most of 2018.


Maybe you invested in one of the various ICOs, mining or other scams that were going on during late 2017/early 2018.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is new and unfamiliar to most.

Several people invested in cryptocurrency without knowing much about the technology that is supporting the various crypto projects that are going on in the space.

Knowing this, I began to research and create content, Crypto Current, to educate myself and inform others so that they could begin to make more educated investment decisions in cryptocurrency.

If you are curious in the space, I welcome you to connect.

Andrew DeRitter

Podcast Producer

Multiple Podcast & Music Producer

Radio Shows (Crescent City Sports)


We hope you are enjoying our cryptocurrency and blockchain educational content! We greatly appreciate donations, which all go directly towards creating even better educational content. Thank you for your generosity!

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